Lord Time – Drink My Tears (Universal Consciousness, 2013)


Whether you like it or not, you might as well just accept the fact that in 2013, the most interesting black metal is being released on cassette.  Case in point; Lord Time’s Drink My Tears, a lengthy, mesmerizing odyssey of USBM at it’s most psychedelically fucked up that’s almost impossible to stop listening to once you’ve let its bloodstained anti-hymns corrode your brain.

The solo project of Harrassor drummer Sandor GF, Lord Time takes black metal and recklessly smashes it together with jagged, gnarled bits and pieces of post-punk, dark ambient and noise to render a singularly deranged musical vision that adds up to one of the most utterly unique recordings I’ve experienced in any genre, let alone black metal.  There is a true sonic adventurousness at work here amongst the two mammoth tracks that comprise the two sides of the tape, blowing the tired and confining genre tropes to smithereens without so much as a second thought.  That Drink My Tears has more in common musically (at least to these ears) with the Cure’s darkly catchy/hypnotic Disintegration and the bent, fragmentary ambience of Moevot’s demos is an absolute revelation.

There appear to be different songs and interludes within the confines of Drink My Tears‘ two lengthy tracks/sides, but each composition flows so seamlessly into the next that it actually makes sense to consider them as movements within a blackened symphony of psychosis.  The music ranges from the most blown out, subterranean black metal you’ve ever heard to blissed-out synth textures to jangling quasi-alt rock to the strange places in-between, yet somehow it all hangs together as a coherent work.  Even after extensive listening I can’t quite explain how or why it does, and that’s precisely what makes Lord Time such a fascinating project; there’s a sense of obsidian wonder and mystery that washes over as Drink My Tears seeps and creeps into your auditory canals, a “how does he do that?” feeling that’s all-too-rare in music circa right now, not just metal.

I’ve often written of my fondness for musicians who can create a world and draw you into it, and Lord Time certainly falls into that category, as Drink My Tears is a wildly creative album that’s extremely varied without being jarring and maintains a cohesive atmosphere throughout.  This is the one man/isolationist/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it black metal paradigm taken to its illogical conclusion as true outsider music, and it is fucking glorious, proving that rumors of the sub-sub-genre’s death continue to be greatly exaggerated.

The tape is limited to 100 copies, pressed on red cassettes housed in translucent red cases and containing a j-card allegedly spattered with Sandor GF’s own blood.  It appears to be sold out from the label, but may still be available from other distros.  It is also available digitally via Bandcamp for all you tape-haters out there.


2 thoughts on “Lord Time – Drink My Tears (Universal Consciousness, 2013)

  1. There is nothing “alleged” about the authenticity of the blood stains on the J-card. Nothing Sandor does is alleged! This is the real deal. DNA test that shit and it will prove true blue Hungarian maniac blood! This is not the first time he has used his own blood in such a manner.

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