Q: What is Isolation Grind?

A: IG is a webzine created, owned and operated by me. It is dedicated to covering the best in heavy and extreme music through reviews, interviews and various features. I try to publish new content as often as possible, but pesky real life often gets in the way.

Q: How do I get in touch with IG?

A: The best and easiest way is via e-mail at jjhaun@gmail.com.  I can also be reached via twitter, myspace and facebook (see the “contact” page of this site), but if you want a quick response, I suggest e-mail… though in all honesty I don’t guarantee a quick response to e-mail either.  In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t get a reply at all. If I like your stuff I’ll get in touch but again, please be patient.

Q: Can I write for IG?

A: No.  IG is a one man show.  It’s nothing personal, but this blog is my baby.

Q: Will IG review my album/demo?

A: Maybe. Probably not.  I only review things I would recommend to someone else. This means if I find your release to be mediocre, lame, or downright awful, it will not be reviewed.

Q: What genres are you interested in covering?

Mainly black and death metal in all their wondrous guises.  I’m also big on things that are gothic rock/post punk/death rock/industrial influenced.  I like stoner rock, but I’m really picky about it so if I were you I wouldn’t bother.  I can’t stand post metal, frilly European power metal, that d-beat/crust/blackened/hardcore/Entombed-ripoff junk that all the kids are into, most trad/NWOBHM ripoffs, most melodic death metal, most war metal, most caverncore, djent, nu metal, Christian crapola of any kind, so-called occult rock, thrash bands that sing about pizza and shit, and most things that end in “core.”  I only have use for a select few sludge/doom bands, so if you’re in one of those I probably wouldn’t bother either.  I don’t do groove metal past 1999. If your band is a ripoff of Mastodon, Baroness or High on Fire, get bent. Last but certainly not least, Folk/Viking/Pagan/Medieval metal of any kind can get lost.

Q: What types of media are you set up to review?

A:  I’m set up for MP3s, CDs, cassettes and vinyl.  I’m more than happy to review MP3s and I’m not one of these jerks that demands physical promos, but hard copies are more likely to get my attention.  That’s just how I roll.  Also, I don’t do DVDs.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a review or interview?

A: All I can say is please be patient.  Since I’m only one person and it can take me some time to digest a piece of music, it can in turn take some time for a review to be written and published or for an e-mail interview to be sent.

Q: Do you recycle press releases and news bits?

A: No.

Q: If I don’t know how to use the BCC function, will you still read my press e-mail blast?

A: No.