Fiends at Feast / Tragic Death – Purgatory Rites (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 2014)


I’ve been following Santa Cruz’s Fiends at Feast ever since they self-released the excellent Shadows of Extinction EP back in 2011.  In that time, they’ve signed to up-and-coming metal label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and released an impressive debut full-length in the form of Towards the Baphomet’s Throne, an album that saw the band building upon their already considerable strengths, sharpening their songwriting and upping the musicianship factor.  Continuing to capitalize on the momentum they’ve built for themselves over the past three years, the Fiends are back with what might be their most compelling set of songs yet on Purgatory Rites, a split with Madison, Wisconsin’s previously unknown (to me) Tragic Death.

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Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – Synkkä Tuuli (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 2013) and Väinämöinen (Infernal Kommando Records, 2013)


Try as I might to seek out and cover as much worthy US black metal as humanly possible at THKD (and Backlit), it’s inevitable that some bands slip though the cracks.  I’m just one man and as such it’s physically impossible for me to listen to everything that gets released over the course of a year.  Fortunately, a few bands have the stones to be proactive and put their music in front of my face rather than wait around for me to stumble upon them. One such band is Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus, who put out two stellar releases last year in the form of Synkkä Tuuli and Väinämöinen.

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Exclusive album stream: The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck

PrintIn a time when both black metal and punk rock are about as threatening as a switchblade comb, The Beyond are bringing back the danger and showing us how to get rude, crude and evil as hell with their debut full length, Frostbitepanzerfuck, which is being released tomorrow by the mighty Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (you can purchase the CD HERE).  From the gnarly Murder Junkies-esque assault of “Roto-Cunt” to the zombified crawl of “Exterminate Humanity,” the album is a twenty-eight minute lesson in violence that wastes no time in slitting your throat and sodomizing the bloody corpse.

THKD is excited to present an exclusive stream of Frostbitepanzerfuck in its entirety; you can find the stream after the jump, as well as a brief interview with vocalist/guitarist Danny Starkiller.  Enjoy or die.
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The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 2013)

frontcoverPennsylvania-based miscreants The Beyond bill themselves as a cross between punk rock and black metal; picture for a moment GG Allin fronting ’90s Profanatica and that’s almost exactly what you’re getting with the band’s debut full length, Frostbitepanzerfuck.  When the first song on an album is called “Roto-Cunt,” and two tracks later you’re getting bashed in the skull by a cover of the aforementioned Allin’s own “Cunt Sucking Cannibal,” with “Goat Sodomizer” sandwiched in-between, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re in for.  This is gutter-piss punk metal that wants to fill your every orifice with sticky black jism; PC police, enter at your own risk and prepare to get fucked.
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Fiends at Feast – Towards the Baphomet’s Throne (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 2012)

Regular THKD readers may recall me championing the living shit out of Santa Cruz’s Fiends at Feast last year after they sent me a copy of their stellar Shadows of Extinction EP (here and here).  At the time, the band were self-releasing their material, which was only available at shows.  A lot can change in just a year; Fiends at Feast now have label backing from the up-and-coming Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and as a result have released a brutalizing debut album in the form of Towards the Baphomet’s Throne, a recording which sees the quintet pushing their music to even more malevolent extremes.
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