Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord, 2011)

Last year, much was made of so-called “Cascadian black metal.”  To me, this was nothing more than an attempt to label a regional sound that didn’t exist and in the process lump a bunch of bands together that had very little in common.  Invisible Oranges declared it “bullshit,” while an article in the Guardian stated that “cascadian metal” was a good descriptor for Krallice, apparently not aware that the term refers to Washington’s Cascade Range; Krallice hails from Brooklyn, NY which is on the other side of the country (a rock “journalist not doing their homework?! Hard to believe, I know. Insert eye-roll).  No one seemed to have a good grasp of what exactly Cascadian black metal was, but that didn’t stop them from invoking the term ad nauseam to serve their own needs.  A harmless geographical descriptor got twisted into utter nonsense by the metal media, and even the non metal media got in on the act.
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